In July, our friend Alexis Hanford cut her leg while vacationing at a lake in California. The cut became infected with what most people know as "flesh eating bacteria." She spent some two months in Children's National Medical Center, enduring more than 17 surgeries to save her life and leg. As she fights to rehabilitate her injured leg -- learning to walk and eventually run again, we have created the Alexis Healing Project to thank the wonderful staff at Children's for helping our friend recover from this ordeal.

In partnership with Charm Georgetown, we have designed a healing bracelet made from wood and stone as a testament to Alexis' determination and our commitment to her recovery. A Walt Whitman High School Junior, Alexis is determined to return to school by Homecoming this Saturday! We plan to greet her wearing the Alexis Healing Project Bracelets.

Please join us in showing our support for Alexis and the Children's National Hospital, buy a bracelet, join our facebook group, make a donation, or email Alexis. All proceeds from each $30 bracelet sale will go to support the incredible lifesaving work being done at Children's National Medical Center. We hope you will join us in this effort and share this page with your friends!